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POPBeameris an Inbound POP3 Router for Microsoft Exchange Server and collects messages from a POP3 account and routes it to the the recipient on your Exchange Server, even in the case the whole company shares one POP3 mailbox. Dial-UP and virus scanning is also enclosed.
$ 295.95
MailBeamer is a SMTP, POP3 and Web Gateway which allows your Microsoft Mail users to send and receive message to and from the Internet. MailBeamer supports Dial-Up, MIME, virus scanning and a complete address translation table.
$ 395.95
SMTPBeamer is a is a complete SMTP, POP3 and Web / HTTP Email Server with Dial-Up support.
$ 199.95
MailSend send messages from the command line or from batch files to Microsoft Mail or Exchange.
$ 99.95
MailRed redirect messages from a Microsoft Mail user to another address and/or sends absent notifications (out-of-office messages).
$ 299.95
MailExtr extracts attachments out of a Microsoft Mail mailbox.
$ 199.95
MailProbe verifies that your Microsoft Mail or Exchange system and your gateways are up and running by probing into a given address, a file or a ICMP Echo.
$ 199.95

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