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EDI Link for DOS & Windows 9x/XP/2000/2003 

     EDILink is a fully integrated EDI translator designed to work seamlessly with xBase systems, Accpac Plus or ASCII flat files. Unlike other translators, EDILink can communicate with your VAN, translate your EDI transactions and update your system applications without the use of 3rd party software or utilities. 
    • Advanced mapping capabilities. (conditional statements and loops) 
    • New customer or new EDI transaction auto create.
    • Built-in modem communications.
    • Integration into Accpac Plus, xBase or ASCII flat file formats. Capable of sending and receiving EDI transactions without using 3rd party add-ons.
    • Advanced ICN and TCN logging. Reports can be sorted by customer code, transaction type or date.
    • Error reporting for missing ICN's and TCN's.
    • Built in scheduler for unattended operations.
    • Advanced data base storage used to keep EDI order details, invoice details and shipping details that present legacy systems cannot keep.
    • Unlimited cross reference tables for customer specific information such as customer SKU's, pricing, unit quantities, ship to's, terms, etc.. 
1-4 users. Contact for pricing
5-10 users Contact for pricing
11-25 users Contact for pricing
Unlimited Contact for pricing
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